George (ex_bela) wrote in paleocon,

How's This for Annoying?

A brief lesson in Canadian politics.
Our Parliamentary system works like this:
1. Our House of Commons has 308 seats. Seats are distributed in a manner very similar to the U.S. House of Representatives. (ie, It's supposed to be based on population, but rural areas tend to be over-represented while urban areas are under-represented.)
2. Four parties are currently represented, including the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Quebecois. The NDP is the social-democratic party. The BQ is a Quebec separatist party.
3. Our 105-member Senate is appointed by the party in power. Senators serve until their death, retirement, or 75th birthday. They have legislative powers, but in practice operate as little more than a rubber-stamp for the party in power.
4. The Liberal Party has been the governing party in Canada for all but nine years of my life. (For the record, I was born in 1966.) They have governed continuously since 1993.
5. We're having Parliamentary elections on January 23. If polls are anything to go by, the next Parliament will look very much like the current Parliament, namely, a liberal minority or perhaps a slim majority. This depresses me, but does not surprise me.
6. I'm not especially thrilled with any political party, but I do belong to the Conservative Party. Thus I'll probably vote for them.
7. The candidate in my constituency is named Rondo Thomas. Yes, that's right....Rondo.

Now the question....

If I write the words "The Amazing" before his name on the ballot, then mark an 'X' in the appropriate circle, is my ballot thus spoiled?

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