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A Saturday-Morning Rant

1. Marijuana "activist" Marc Emery has been arrested and is facing extradition to the United States, where he faces a possible prison sentence of ten years to life.
I'm appalled. The Canadian government can't get this guy, so they're going to ship him off to a place that will deal with him. Kind of like the way our government dealt with Ernst Zundel. Zundel was never convicted of any crime. In fact, he helped to re-write Canadian constitutional law, giving us slightly more freedom of speech than we had before.
How did Canada thank Zundel for this? We deported him to Germany, where his actions -- completely legal in Canada and the United States -- are subject to a lengthy prison term.
My Proposed Solution: Either uphold Canada's drug laws or let the guy go. Under no circumstances should he be sent to the United States. Abrogate the scary treaty that allowed this to happen in the first place.
2. Denmark is getting pissy about a football field-sized chunk of rock they're claiming as their own.
Our government has shown more balls on this issue than I'd expected, saying they intend to maintain control of the island. This is part of a bigger issue having to do with the Northwest Passage which, although it wends its way between Canadian islands, is claimed by some countries to be "international waters".
This is horseshit, obvious to anyone who can read a map.

My Proposed Solution: Stay the course. Station a few troops there. Give them sea and air cover. Open fire on the first Danish vessel foolish enough to come near. Tell Denmark that they have only two options: sign away their claim completely or prepare for a rapid escalation that we will initiate.
A trade war with Denmark? Spare me. What are they going to do, cut off our supply of runny cheese? Pull Brigitte Nielsen's films off Canadian shelves?
Well, one can hope....
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That treaty sounds bad for the sovereignty of both our countries.
Agreed. The more I've read about it, and the way it's been used with other countries, it just seems to trample upon (Canada's)national sovereignty.
A foreign police/intelligence agency interviewing our citizens? On our soil? With our permission? Despite the standard American belief to the contrary, Canada is not a satellite.
Exactly. This is to be a "conservative" and a "liberal" fallacy in the States. Having briefly lived in Canada as a child and then came back into the Southern US, I can easily confirm that there are fair more differences between the cultures than many know.

What is it lately that has so many countries lately down there own self-rule?
Because it's easier? I really don't know....